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In your opening session with me, we will meet to discuss your life, needs, and my ability to guide you. This can mean speaking about the past, present, future or anything you wish. We can discuss your hopes, goals, and desires and how you can navigate toward achieving whatever you've set out to. I am here to be a coach, guide, counselor and helper on your journey. Some of the methods I may suggest to help you include:

• Holistic practices (e.g. meditation, breathing exercises, guided imagery)
• Alternative medical approaches (Reiki, essential oil therapy, herbal supplements)
• Dis-ease remedies (nutrition, exercise, sleep therapies)
• Cognitive-behavioral therapy
• Spiritual, mental support

Overall, our first meeting will be getting to know each other and an opportunity to assess if holistic guidance is the right approach to bettering your quality of life. I'm excited to meet you and begin a new journey...together!

What is Holistic Guidance?

Though most people love an entertaining drama in an action packed novel or movie, the reality of conflict in the day-to-day lives of real people is a far cry from entertainment, especially for those who are in the midst of some personal challenge or pitfall in their lives.

Research shows that stress is a contributing factor in numerous common conditions and dis-ease. Choosing holistic therapy is a practice for both enlightened individuals and those seeking a new understanding of their health, becoming better attuned to their entire awareness: body, mind, and soul. This often promotes greater acceptance of oneself; by understanding and treating symptoms holistically, you and your body are able to find a new, healthful balance. Holistic guidance incorporates the conscious of clients in their totality; they take an integrative approach to healing the mind. Their work takes them into the multiple dimensions of human experience; the physical, the spiritual and the psychological. Ultimately, they seek to heal by helping their clients to break free from destructive behaviors and enjoy a new and improved state of mental, spiritual and physical health.

What is the Difference Between Holistic Guidance and Traditional Counselling?

Holistic Guidance is an approach that helps individuals whom are seeking to heal or move through personal barriers in life by taking the entire human being (body, mind, soul) and their life experience into consideration. Traditional counseling methods consider psychological ramifications and have a tendency to be focused (though not always so) on either picking apart one’s past for healing, focusing on present moments, and/or future goal setting. In holistic guidance, my approach is a culmination of past, present and future, examined through the lense of mindfulness and the practice of holistic health. Your health is about your complete person, not just your mind, your past, or your future! Your health is today and encompasses ALL of unique and beautiful YOU.

Mind, Body & Soul

Why Choose Holistic Guidance?

A holistic approach to your body, mind, and soul cannot only transform your health and well being, it can: benefit your relationships, increase your patience, understanding, love and generally aid you in becoming more present in your day-to-day life. By learning to detach from the temporary world of form, you can return to the essence of who you are. Through meditation, mindful awareness practice, TFT ( Thought Field Therapy ) Reiki, and deepening self-awareness, including practices such as breathing technique, nutritional awareness, positive affirmations, intentions and various other practices, you will gain a new grasp of yourself and your life. At D.N.A., we understand that if you don't take control of your life, it will control you!

Benefits Of Seeking & Receiving Holistic Guidance

Enjoy Your Life More

What Does it Mean to Work with Body, Mind and Soul?

Working with the body can refer to nutrition, exercise, sleep, herbs and alternative medical approaches as well as other holistic practices, such as meditation and breathing techniques. As a part of healing your body, it may be suggested that you begin or alter one or more of these practices. As you may have noticed within your reading, the spelling of the word “dis-ease”: this term in the holistic community simply means a lack of ease or harmony within the body. There are many remedies for dis-ease of the body that you can learn, use, and heal with.

For the mind, in my practice, I most often study/utilize cognitive behavioral therapy; this means looking at how thoughts affect behavior. Cognitive therapy focuses on present thinking, behavior, and communication rather than on past experiences and is oriented toward problem solving. This is not to say that your past is not important, but knowing that your past led to the present you. I am happy to work with you in whatever way I can to help you to feel entire wellness.

Spirituality is critical to mental health and a positive worldview... I believe it's a connection to a greater something. It's about a push to transcend your personal boundaries, having a sense of meaning and purpose. Now, I'm not implying you have to be religious - an atheist is spiritual if, for example, she/ he feels connected to the wider world and shares love and compassion with groups of people. Spirituality is simply connecting with someone or something greater than yourself, and I am open to any and all forms of spirituality.

D.N.A. Works For You

What D.N.A can do for you

At D.N.A ., we want you to have an understanding of what holistic guidance is all about. Holistic guidance is a profession that is profoundly different from consulting,mentoring,therapy or counseling. Each session is tailored to each individuals needs. No two sessions are the same; the guidance process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in a client’s personal life including relationships and professions, by examining what is going on right now. In this examination, we will discover what your obstacles or challenges might be and choose, together, a course of action to attain the best for you in your life. The relationship between you and Dee is designed to be an alliance. Dee will be continually giving all the power back to you, the client. D.N.A believes that you already have the answers to questions or challenges you may have in your life, even if those answers seem obscured, concealed or hidden inside. Most holistic guidance clients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a change in their lives and want the support of their own personal holistic coach to do so. Some people seek holistic guidance when they are down and out, as a last ditch effort after trying seemingly everything; the spectrum of those seeking holistic guidance is as broad and unique as the individuals seeking help. Holistic guidance can help you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced, and fulfilling life, as long as you are willing to do the work on yourself, for yourself. I'm here to be an advocate, guide, and be as much “for you” as you are for yourself

About Deeonna

About Deeonna


Deeonna has lived in Southern Colorado for the last 20 years. She was born and raised in Sacramento, California.Though she is educated in a variety of areas, holistic guidance is her forte. She has been practicing holistic guidance for the last 12 years. She has a Ph.D. in metaphysical science and is certified by the A.A.D.P. and the A.A.M.A.. She is a Reiki and Karuna Reiki master. Holistic guidance can benefit anyone who needs support through everyday stresses, anxiety, depression, emotional upheaval, barriers blocking their path, and relationships. A holistic guidance session uses proven exercises, tools and methods which will ensure that you will experience life with greater joy and self awareness.


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You are ultimately responsible for all you choices and all decisions in your life. In order to fully treat a multidimensional being to the benefit of their entire health, holistic counseling can and should be used (in non-emergency and non-life-threatening situations) either in place of or in conjunction with conventional forms of therapy and traditional Western medicine; thusly, healing the panoply, made up of the body, mind, emotions and spirit, of the person. In order to treat a person holistically, options outside of traditional treatment methodologies, for both assessment and treatment, can and should be consulted.

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